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How to Rewire the Brain and Reprogram the Mind

Feb 3, 2016

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In my last 2 blogs, I explained how your mind is what creates your reality. Your state of mind, which is influenced by your thoughts and beliefs, influences your vibration, and your vibration determines what you attract into your life. Your beliefs, the programs you have in your mind, determines how you perceive each experience. Then I explained how the mind works, and how to program it in order to create your desired reality. So now in this video, I want to talk a little bit more about how to program the mind, and go over a few techniques that you can use to program the mind more effectively. But before I get into that, let me first explain to you what is happening in the brain and in the body on a cellular level, when we think a thought. It will help you better understand the techniques that I will be going over here shortly.

The brain is made up of tiny nerve cells called neurons. There are approx 100 billion neurons in the brain. Every thought that you think or action that you perfom will cause different sets of neurons to fire at the same time. Remember this saying:'neurons that fire together wire together'. These neurons have tiny branches that will reach out to other neurons to form a neural network. When you think a certain thought or perform a certain action, the neurons that fired together at that time will start to form connections with each other, creating a neural network between those neurons. Every time you think that thought or perform that action again and again, the same set of neurons will fire, which will enforce the conections between those neurons. Those connections will grow thicker and stronger forming a stronger conection between those neurons, every time that thought or action is enforced. Over time, as those neural networks grow stronger and stronger, those thoughts will eventually develop into a dominant thought pattern and develop into a belief, or that action will develop into a habit. It will become second nature.

In my last blog, I explained how the mind is programmed through repetition, by thinking a thought repeatedly over and over or performing a certain action over and over, until it becomes programmed in the mind. Now you know what is happening in the brain when you reapeat those thoughts and actions. The brain is contantly rewiring itself to adapt to a person's lifestyle so that repeated actions can be performed more efficiently the next time. This is referred to as neuroplasticity. It is The potential that the brain has to reorganize and rewire itself by creating new neural pathways to adapt, as is needed. So as the connections become stronger and stronger, the electrical signals between those neurons are able to transmitt faster and faster, and with enough repetition, they become automatic.

Lets take, shooting a basketball through a basketball hoop for example. The very first time a person picks up a basketbal and attempts to make some baskets, they're going to miss majority of their shots, at first. But with continued practice, that person will get better and better. The percentage of baskets made will increase over time. At first, they would have to be very conscious of their form, how they hold the ball, how much power they exert when they throw that ball into the air. But as they perform that action again and again, they will enforce the neural networks in the brain that are associated with that action, and with enough repetition, they will no longer have to think about it. That action becomes automatic.

Just look at Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors for example. He's probably the best 3-point shooter in game right. There was a time where he made 77 3-pointers in a row during practice. That's pretty impressive. But think about how many hours of pratice he's had to put in throughout the years to be able to do that. He has enforced the neural networks in his brain, that are associate with that action, so much that it has become automatic for him. He doesn't even have to think about it anymore. He can just just throw up the ball, from anywhere on that court and make the basket. Well not all the time, but a lot more than the average person. So I'll say it again, repetition wires the brain and programs the mind.

Now what is also happening, every time we think a thought, we release certain chemicals in our bodies. When we think a positive thought, our brain releases feel good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphines. Every time we think a negative thought our bodies release chemicals that make us feel bad, like stress harmones, cortisol, and adrenaline. Also, every single emotional state has it's own chemical associate with it called a peptide. So there's chemicals for happiness, there's chemicals for sadnesss, there's chemicals for anger. So when you think a certain thought it will trigger a certain emotional state. For example, if you think happy thoughts, it will trigger the release of the chemicals that are associate with the emotion of happiness, which will attach themselves to certain cells in the body creating the feeling of happiness. Our emotional state, how we feel, influences our vibration, which determines what we attract into our life.

So you can see how much our thoughts really affect us. Not just in the mind, but also in the body, on a cellular level. but to further illustrate just how much our thoughts really do affect our bodies, let me share this experiment with you, conducted by a japanese doctor named Dr. Masaru Emoto. He took several samples of water and exposed each sample to different thoughts. So for example, he would direct thoughts of love towards one water sample, and direct thoughts of happiness towards another water sample, then maybe direct thoughts of hate towards another water sample. Then he cristalized the water samples by freezing them and then observed them under a microscope, and what he found was each sample had formed different patterns depending on the type of thoughts that were directed towards that sample. He also noticed that the samples that were blessed with positive thoughts formed a more beautiful snowflake-like pattern and the samples that had negative thoughts directed towards it formed an uglier pattern, which was incomplete, and asymmetrical with dull colors. This is significant because if our thoughts can do that to water samples that are at a distance, not physically attached to us, think about what our thoughts are doing to our bodies, considering that our bodies are made of 70-80% water, and remember the earth is also 70% water. So depending on the thoughts that we are thinking, we are either creating harmony in our minds and bodies, or we are creating desease in our minds and bodies. So that's why it is very important to be very conscious of the thoughts you think and the beliefs that you choose to accept, because of the affect that it has on us, but not just on our minds and bodies, but also on the realities that we experience.

So now let's go over some techniques that you can use to program your mind more effectively. You already know that you program the mind through repetition. In my last blog, I mentioned that you might experience some resistance when trying to reprogram your mind with a new belief if you already have a contridicting belief in place, because you can't have 2 beliefs that conflict with each other. You can't believe that you are successful and believe that you are failure at the same time. You can only believe one or the other, but not both. So you may experience resistance from your mind at first.

Think of a bouncer at a nightclub, or at a private party. In order to get into this party, you have to be on the guestlist. If you're not on the guestlist, then you will be rejected, you wont be able to get in. So if you already have certain beliefs in place, and you think thoughts that are in alignment with those beliefs, then those thoughts will be easily accepted. Their on the guestlist, metaphorically speaking. Now on the other hand, if you try to think thoughts that are out of alignment with those beliefs, then they won't be easily accepted. You will experience resistance.

Well before you can accept the new belief, you have to first get rid of the old belief to make room for the new belief. So here's what you do in this situation. The first step is to start consciously thinking thoughts that are associated with the new belief that you are trying to program. So let's say for example you want to program yourself to believe that you are successful, that you are good enough, and that you are capable of doing anything. So first thing start thinking thoughts that are associated with this belief, so that you start developing the neural networks associated with those thoughts. What you will notice is that your mind will have the tendency revert back to the old thought pattern that you are trying to change, thinking thoughts that you're a failure and that you're not good enough. Even though you are consciously trying to develop a new thought pattern, the old belief, is still your belief. It is still your dominant thought pattern. So your mind will naturally still have the tendancy to wander back to the old thought pattern. So when this happens, what you do is, first become aware that you've shifted back to the old thought pattern, and as soon as you become aware of this, stop yourself from from completing that thought, just stop yourself right there in mid thought. Don't complete that thought process. Then consciously shift your thoughts back to the new thought pattern that you're trying to develop.

You know the saying that I had you remember earlier, 'neurons that fire together wire together'. Well the opposite goes for neurons that stop firing together. Neurons that stop firing together, no longer wire together. So what's happening in this situation, is that everytime you consciously disrupt a thought process, you weaken the connections of the neural networks associated with that thought process. So rather then than enforcing them, you're weakening them. So when you consciously think the new thoughts again and again, you're enforcing those neural networks. So when your mind wanders back to the old thought pattern and you become aware of it, and consciously stop yourself from completing that thought process, you are weakening those neural networks. Then you would just consiously shift back to the new thoughts, and continue enforcing those neural networks. Just keep repeating that process everytime your mind wanders back to the old thought pattern. In the beginning stages, you will notice that it happens quite a bit. But over time, if you do this process enough times, you will start to notice that your mind wanders back to the old thought pattern less and less. You will start to notice that it becomes easier and easier to stay with the new thought process. The new thoughts will start to have more feeling behind them and they will become more believable. The new neural networks are become stronger while the old neural networks will start to wither away.

Think about what happens when a person is weight training to build muscle. When stress is applied to the muscles, by lifting heavy weights, the muscles will adapt to the stress by growing bigger and stronger. If they continue doing this, their muscles will continue to grow stronger and stronger. But if they stop working out, then over time, their muscles will begin to shrink. They will get weaker and weaker. Their body will start breaking down muscle fibers because they're not using them anymore. Well the same thing happens with neural pathways in he brain. If you stop using them, over time, they will become weaker and weaker and start to wither away, and eventually breaking away completly. So that's how you rewire the brain with a new thought pattern and reprogram the mind with a new belief if you already have a contradicting belief in place. But in order to be successful at it, it is very important that you are persistent until the new thought pattern starts to gain dominance.

Imagine yourself pushing a boulder up a hill. Your pushing against gravity which is naturally trying to roll the boulder down the hill. If you give up and stop pushing before you get to the top, then that boulder will just roll back down to bottom of the hill and you will have to start all over. This is similar to what will happen if you quit too soon and stop enforcing the new thought pattern before it starts to gain dominance. As long as the old thought pattern is still the dominant thought pattern, the mind will still have the tendency to wander back to The old thought pattern which will naturally start to reinforce itself again, picking up momentum, and the new neural networks that you started to develop will get weaker and weaker and wither away, and you will have to start all over. But if you are persistant and keep at it until you get past that tipping point to where that new thought pattern is now the stronger thought pattern, that is when the momentum will shift in the other direction and the new thought pattern will start take on a life of it's own. Your mind will now have the tendancy to stay on that thought pattern.

So in the begining stages, you have to be conscious of your thoughts as much as possible so that you can catch yourself when your mind wanders back to the old thought pattern, like a parent trying to raise a child. When a child is very young, especially when it's a new born, the parent has to be conscious of what the child is doing at all times, because infants have a tendancy to just grab things and put it in their mouth. So the parent always has to be conscious of what the child is doing so that they can prevent them from doing anything that could possible harm themselves, at least when the child is still very young. But as the child gets older, the parent does not have to watch them as much because the child starts to take on a life of it's own. Well the same thing goes when you're trying to develop new thought patterns. You have to be conscious of your thoughts as much as possible to stop yourself from shifting back to the old pattern. Kind of like a parent stopping a child from doing something that their not suppose to. So in a sense, you have to babysit the new neural networks until it becomes developed enough to where it starts to take on a life of it's own. Then you don't have to consciously control it so much because the new thought pattern will start to become automatic. But like I said, you have to be persistant, until you get past that tipping point. So don't give up.

Let me give you a tip for minimizing the resistance that you will experience from your mind when you're trying to reprogram yourself with a new belief. If read my last blog, I explained how the conscious mind is like the gatekeeper that determines what goes into the subconscious mind, and then I explained how hypnosis works. When a person is put into a relaxed state, an alpha brainwave state, their conscious mind is not fully alert. It's kind of being put to sleep. So the hypnotist is able to pass suggestions to the persons subconscious mind without interferance from the conscious mind. So if you can calm yourself down to a relaxed state, an alpha brainwave state, and you can do this by simple sitting in a chair or laying down with your eyes closed and breathing deeply. Just slow down your brain activity, and you will be in a state where your subconscious mind is more suseptible to programming. Then you can feed yourself suggestions with little resistance from your conscious mind because it is not in that analytical state, like when it is fully alert. This process is known as self hypnosis. So that's just a little tip to help you program the mind more effectively with minimal resistance from your conscious mind.

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