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How to Program the Mind to Create Your Desired Reality

Jan 18, 2016

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In my last blog I explained how your vibration transforms your reality. Whatever frequency you are emmitting, whatever vibe you are giving out, determines what you attract into your life. because the law of attraction states that like attract like. So you only get what you are a vibrational match with. Then I explained how your mind is what influences your vibration by the thoughts that you think and the beliefs that you choose to accept. So really it's your mind that creates your reality. So now You just have to know how to program the mind in order to manifest the reality that you desire. But in order to know how to do that you have to understand how the mind works first. So that's what I want to go over in this blog, how the mind works and then I'll go over how actually program the mind.

To get a basic understanding of how the mind works, let me give you an analogy. Think of the mind like a computer. A computer has different parts to it. There's the keyboard and the mouse, which are used to control the computer. Then there's the hard drive where all the data is stored. Then there's the monitor, which displays the visual output from the computer. Then there's the software which are all the programs that determine how the computer operates. Our mind also have different parts. There's the conscious mind which controls our counscious thoughts and actions. Then there's the subconscious mind which stores all our memories and beliefs. Our beliefs are the programs that determine how we operate and how we perceive the world. So our conscious mind would be like the controls of the computer. Just like how the keyboard and the mouse are used to control the compueter, The conscious mind controls our conscious thoughts and actions. We can also include the ram of the computer as part of this analogy as representing the conscious mind. It is the short term memory, the working memory, where all our conscious thoughts are processed. The subconscious mind would be like the hard drive, where we store all our data. All our memories and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. Our beliefs would be like our software. They are the programs that determine how we operate. The software of the computer determines how it operates. Whatever programs are installed in the computer will determine what the computer does and what is displayed on the monitor. At the same time, our beliefs, the programs that we have, determine how we operate and what we experience in our lives. So for this analogy we can say that the computer monitor represents our realty. Whatever beliefs we have, whatever programs we have determines the outcome in our reality, just like whatever programs are installed in a computer determines the outcome on the monitor. So the monitor will represent our reality.

We can categorize the different types of software into 3 different categories. There's the software that comes with the computer. When you buy a new computer, there's software that already installed in the computer, like the operating system. The operating system manages how the computer operates. Then theres the third party softwares, the application programs, that you install after you buy the computer in order to enhance the computer's abilities. Then there's the programs that are installed in the computer without you being aware of it known malware or viruses. Similarly, Our beliefs, our programs, can also be categorize into 3 different categories. There's the programs that we are born with, that manage our subconscious processes, like breathing, and digesting food. It manages our growth process and our healing process. These are all subconscious programs that we are born with. We don't have to learn how to breath, or how to grow. It just comes natural. We are born with these programs. So these programs would be like our operating system that manages how our body operates, just like how the operating sytem of a computer manages how the computer operates. Then there are the beliefs that we develop from the time that we are born. These are the beliefs that we choose to accept about ourselves and about the world. These beliefs, these programs, would be like application programs that we install into a computer after we buy it. We start developing these beliefs from the time that we are born. Then we have the beliefs that we develop unconsciously, maybe from experiencing a traumatic event or from being manipulated by others. So these unconscious beliefs would be like the malware or viruses that are unconsiously installed in a computer.

So now you can kind of see similarities between the mind and a computer. But keep in mind that I'm just using this analogy in order to give you a simplified explaination on how the mind works, so that you can understand how to program it. So don't take it lierally. Our minds aren't actually like computers. It's just an analogy.

Now let's say that you are the programmer. You control the computer, you control the keyboard, the mouse, and you decide what data goes into the computer and what programs are going to be installed into the computer. You can even develop your own custom programs to install into the computer. Whatever is installed into the computer will effect the output on the monitor. So you, the programmer, controls the output on the screen. On the other side, let's say that you are also the programmer of your mind, which you actually are. You control your thoughts with your conscious mind, so you control the information that goes into your subconscious mind. You control which beliefs to accept. So whatever beliefs you choose to program your mind with will determine what you experience in your life. Because these programs control your senses, how you operate, how you behave, how you interact with others, your state of mind. It controls your vibration which determines what you attract into your life, and it controls how you perceive each experience.

Let's say that you had a robot, and you installed the software into this robot that determines what this robot does. The actions of this robot is dependant on whatever commands were included in that software. So lets say that there was a command in the software that told the robot not to cross a line. If there was a line drawn on the ground, the robot would detect it and would not cross it. It would walk right up to it and stop right before it reaches the line. It doesn't cross the line because the command was to not cross the line. The robot is a slave to the software. The robot does whatever the software tells it to do, or not to do.

Our actions work in a similar way. Our actions, and what we are capable of, is determined by our beliefs, by the programs that we have. If you tell yourself that you can't do something or that you are not good enough, and you choose to accept that as a belief, then that is like inserting a command into your software telling you not to cross that line. If you choose to believe that you can't do something then you're not going to be able to do it, because you are programming yourself with that belief.

Let's say for example that you were a runner, and you wanted to be able to run a mile in 4:30. The world record is 3:45, so you know it's possible because people have ran it in less time. But let's say that your best time ever was 5 min, and even then you gave it everything you had and you were completely exhausted at the end of that 5 min. So you think that running it in 4:30 is impossible for you, because 30 seconds is a significant difference and you were already completely exhausted when you ran it in 5 min. Well if you choose to believe that, that it's impossible for you to run a mile in 4:30 then you're never going to be able to run it in that time. Your beliefs, your programs, will effect your muscle movement, your breathing, you respitarory system, your stamina, your energy levels, etc. So you will prevent all these things from reaching the necessary levels because you've given yourself that command not to cross that line. No matter how many times you try, you will never be able to run a mile in 4:30, because you've set that limit, and it's never going to change unless you change your belief. But once you change your belief, then your outcome will change.

But also remember like I said, your beliefs don't just control your abilities, they also control your vibration, which determines what you attract into your life, and they also control how you percieve each experience. So Your beliefs, the programs that you have determines what you experience in your reality. If you can understand that, then you can be a conscious creator of your reality by controlling the programs in your mind. But if you don't understand that then you won't be a conscious creator of your own reality. You will always be the creator of your reality, but the difference will be if you are a conscious creator or unconscious creator of your reality.

Let's say for example, you wrote a program. It's a very simple program, and all it did was just print the world 'hello' on the computer screen. Then you ran the program, but rather then printing the world 'hello', it printed the word 'goodbye' instead. When a program isn't operating properly, that would be a clear indication that there's something wrong with the code in the program. So to fix the problem, you would go back into the code, find where the problem is, make the correction and that will change the output. So let's say that you were able locate where the problem was in the code. You realized that you mistakenly typed the words 'goodbye' in the code rather than the word 'hello', and that's why it was printing 'goodbye' rather than 'hello'. So you make the correction in the code, and run the program again, and sure enough, it now prints the word 'hello' just like you intended. You were able to fix the problem because you understood that the output on the screen is only a result of the commands that are in the program. But let's say for example that you refused to go back and check the code because you believed that there was nothing wrong with your code. You believed that you wrote the code perfectly the way it was suppose to be. So you're there scratching your head trying to figure out why it keeps giving the wrong output. You keep running the program over and over again and its keeps giving you the same output. So you're getting frustrated, yelling at the monitor. Well you can yell at the monitor all you want, it's not going to fix anything. You can run the program as many times as you want, you're just gonna keep getting the same output everytime, and it's not going to change until you correct the program.

This is basically what's happening when people play the victim and blame others for the bad things that happen in their life, because they do not understand that their outter world is only a reflection of there inner thought and beliefs. They don't understand that they're state of mind influences their vibration which determines what they attract into their life. They don't understand that they are creating the experience. Either they don't understand it or they refuse to believe it. But either way, they're unaware of what the cause of the problem is. So they live they're lives everyday getting upset and blaming others when they don't receive the desired outcome, totally oblivious to the fact that they are the ones creating their experience by the programs in their mind. Playing the victim and blaming others is just like the programmer yelling at the computer monitor rather then fixing the code. That's how the majority of people still live their lives, playing the victim and getting upset at the outcome rather then changing their thought patterns and beliefs in order to get the desired outcome. So to be a successful conscious creator of your own reality and to get the desired outcomes, you have to understand that it is the programs that are in your mind that create your reality. So if you are not getting the desired outcome then you can go back and change your thought patterns and beliefs in order to get the desired outcome. Don't get upset at the refection in the mirror, if you want to change the reflection in the mirror, you have to change the man in the mirror first.

So now that you have a better understanding of how the mind works, now we can go over how to program your mind in order to get the desired outcomes. To program a computer, you would write up some code to create a program then install it into the computer. It's a lot more complicated then that, but in the general sense, that's the gist of it. Well that's how you program a computer, but how do you program the mind. Well one of the ways to program the mind is through repetition, by thinking a certain thought again and again until it becomes a belief or performing a certain action over and over repetitively until it becomes a habit. Think about when you're trying to memorize something. You would read it over and over again, until it becomes programed in your mind, until it becomes a memory. Or when you're practicing something, like playing a sport, you would practice and practice until the actions become second nature. So you can program the mind through repitition. So to develop a certain belief, you would think a thought or say an affirmations repeatedly, and over time, those thoughts will turn into a belief. So the thoughts that you are thinking, are programming your mind, if you keep enforcing them by thinking them over and over. You can think of a thought as like one line of code of a program. It takes a collection of multiple lines of code to create a program. But that one line of code by itself is just one line of code, it's not gonna to do anything, just like how one thought by itself is just a thought. But when you think the thought repeatedly, it becomes a belief, and that's what gives it power.

Another way to program the mind is by bypassing the conscious mind and delivering suggestions to the subconscious mind. Think of your conscious mind as like the gatekeeper, kind of like a security guard who determines what can pass through and what can't. If a security guard falls asleep on post, then anyone or anything can gain access without them knowing it. Think about how hypnosis works. When someone is being hypnotized they're usually told to focus their attention on something, like a swinging pendelum. Well the reason behind this, is because when the person is focusing on something, say a swinging pendulm, then their conscious mind is distracted. It's not alert, or in other words, it's kind of being put to sleep. So with the conscious mind distracted, the hypnotist will pass suggestions to the person bypassing the conscious mind, going into their subconscious mind, and those suggestions become a part of that persons beliefs. The same thing goes for self hypnosis, except with self hypnosis, you are the one giving yourself suggestions while you are in a relaxed state. You are doing the programming.

What's also happening in this situation is the person being hypnotized is falling into an alpha brainwave state. There are 4 main brainwaves, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Whichever brainwaves are dominant at any time will determine a persons state of mind. Beta brainwaves are associated with being consciously alert. Alpha brainwaves are associated with a state of physical and mental relaxation. Theta brainwaves are associated with deep relaxation or a meditative state, and delta brainwaves are associated with deep sleep. And it is also said that alpha brainwaves are the gateway to your subconscious mind because it lies at the base of your conscious awareness. So when a person is in an alpha brainwave state, their subconscious mind is suseptible to programming. That is why the hypnotist is able to program a person when they are in that state.

This is also what's happening when we watch TV. When people watch TV, they zone out and become completely fixated on the screen. That's because when you watch TV, you stop thinking. So your brain activity slows down from a beta brainwave state to an alpha brainwave state. So you fall into a hypnotic state where you are suseptible to programming. That's why the TV is one of the main tools that is used for mind control, because we are in an hypnotic state when we watch TV. So keep in mind for all you TV watchers. Once you turn on that TV and you start to zone out and become fixated on that TV screen, it's just like you plugging into the matrix and allowing yourself to be programmed. When you are in that hypnotic state you are giving access to your subconscious mind and allowing yourself to be programmed with whatever messages are delivered through that TV screen.

That's why corporations spend millions and millions of dollars on advertising and marketing, to program us into wanting their products so that they can get us to spend our money. They program us through repitition. We become programmed when we see their commercials over and over. We becomed programmed when we see their logo repeatedly. When we're walking down the street or driving in our cars, and we see their advertisements, their billboards, again and again, we are being programmed. Even if you don't consciously notice their advertisements, our subconscious mind still picks up on it. All This is what I meant when I was talking about beliefs that we develop unconsciously, and make use behave in strange ways, like the malware and viruses that are uncosciously installed into a computer that makes the computer behave in strange ways. Just look at how crazy the world has become. All you have to do is turn on the news and see all the crazy ways people are acting nowadays. Because our minds have been poluted with all these programs from watching TV and browsing the internet turning us into ruthless mindless consumers. Just look at how people behave during black friday. We become bombarded with black friday advertisements in order to kick start the Christmas shopping season. people act like animals fighting over material things, because they've been programmed to desire these products so much that they will fight for it. People behave in strange ways because they have too many viruses intalled in there software and they're not even conscious of it.

So those are the 2 main ways to program the mind, through repetition, and by bypassing the conscious mind and feeding suggestions to the subconscious mind. So now you understand that it is your mind that creates your reality, and you now have a basic understanding how the mind works and how to program it. So now you can consciously create your reality to whatever you desire. Pretty simple right? well if it's that simple, then why do most people fail at it. Well the concept is that simple, but it's not that easy. There's 2 main reasons why people fail. one, they quit too soon. Like I said , the mind is programmed through repitition. So if you think a thought over and over, but you stop before it develops into a belief, then that thought loses its power. It never becomes programmed in the mind. Another reason is because you may already have a contridicting belief in place. You can't have 2 beliefs that conflict with each other. For example, you can't believe that you are successful and that you are a failure at the same time. You can only believe one or the other, but not both. So if you already have a belief in place that you are a failure, and you try to reprogram yourself to believe that you are successful, you will experience resistance from your mind at first. It is still possible to program the mind if there is already a contridicting belief in place, it just takes a little more work. Those are some of the things that I will be going over on my next blog, how to get around those issues, so that you can be more successful at programming the mind more effectively. So check that blog out if you want to learn more on how to program the mind.

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