Programming a New Reality

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Understand the relationship between mind and the universe
Understand how your mind shapes your reality
Understand how the mind works and how to program it
Program your mind with a new belief system
Remove limiting beliefs
Expand your consciousness
Become a conscious creator of your own reality
Create the reality that you desire
Develop a calm and focused mind
Eliminate emotional blocks

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The guide includes:

Comparison of different perspectives - Most people believe in a higher power or force that governs everything. Some people call it God, some people call it the universe, some people refer to it as a quantum field, or source, or even the matrix. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what this force is and how it works. But the truth is that nobody knows for sure what it is or how it really works. This guide takes several different perspectives on what this force is, from a Law of Attraction perspective, a religious perspective, a scientific perspective, a physiological perspective, etc. and compares them. But rather than looking at the differences, it focuses on what they all have in common. Because when you look at it that way, even though they all have their own different ways of explaining it, even though they all use different terminology, you will notice, that they're all trying to convey the same message. That message is that your power lies within your mind.

How the mind shapes your reality - This guide will be give you a better understanding of the relationship between mind and the universe and how the mind shapes your reality. You will realize just how powerful the mind is. You will learn how the mind communicates with the universe, and how significant the mind is when it comes to creating your own reality. Most people just don't understand that their mind is what shapes their reality. But by having this understanding, it will raise your awareness, and you will want to take better care of your mind. You will be able to gain more control over your mind so that you can communicate with the universe more effectively and be more successful in creating the reality that you desire.

How to program your mind - Your belief system is like the software of a computer. The commands in the software of a computer determine the output of the computer, and your beliefs determine the outcome in your reality. Your beliefs influence you thought patterns, which influences your vibration, and that determines what you attract into reality. Your beliefs also determine how you interpret each experience and how you respond to those experiences. Also, the beliefs that you have about yourself determine what you can and can't do. If you believe that you can't do something or that you're not good enough, then that will be your outcome, because you're inserting that command into your software. Your beliefs determine your limits. You can replace limiting beliefs by reprogramming yourself with new beliefs that reflect abundance and prosperity. This guide explains how to program your mind effectively.

Techniques for programming the mind - Once you you have a better understanding of how the mind works and how to program it, then you can pick the technique that you want to use to program it. There are many different techniques that you can choose from. There's not one technique that is better than the others. You just have to find the one that works for you, everyone's different. You also have to make sure that you use the technique correctly in order for the technique to work. This guide goes over different techniques that can be use to program the mind and explains how to use each technique correctly.

How to balance brain chemistry - Your state of mind, mental performance, and how you feel, are all affected by the brain's chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. When these neurotransmitters are out of balance, it may negatively affect your state of mind. It can be the difference between feeling happy or depressed. It is important to maintain balanced brain chemistry in order to ensure optimal brain performance, and also to maintain a balanced state of mind. This guide explains how to balance your brain chemistry.

How to heal past emotional trauma - One of the main things that can affect your state of mind is your suppressed emotional trauma. The emotional wounds that are buried inside you cause you to develop negative thought patterns, which results in negative beliefs and insecurities. Also, remember, emotions are energy, so they have their own vibrational frequency. So when you hold on to negative emotions, when you suppress them, rather than releasing them, they becomes a part of your energy field, which affects your overall vibration. Negative emotions have a low vibrational frequency, so if you hold on to negative emotions, then you won't be able to ascend into those higher vibrational frequencies, where you're able to create the reality that you desire. Those suppressed emotions are going to weigh you down, holding you in those lower vibrational frequencies, and you will attract things that are a vibrational match with those negative emotions. So you want to release those suppressed emotions so that you can develop a more positive state of mind and you can ascend into those higher frequencies. But most people don't even know how to process emotions properly, because we've never really been taught how to. So that's why most people just suppress their negative emotions because they don't know how to deal with them. This guide explains how to process emotions properly and how to heal past emotional trauma.

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